Class of 2003

The Class of 2003 and where they are today.

Name Spouse Children Residence
Renae Baird      Trafalgar, IN
Bethany (Cline) Jamison Ross   Indianapolis, IN
Michael Deputy     West Virginia
Rachel Ewers       
Emilie Green       
Bryon Headrick       
Rachel (Johnfauno) Matthews     Indianapolis, IN
Michael Kinney       
Duane Kord  Jessica 1 Currently stationed in Iraq
Ben Lochard  Katie   Ames, IA
Shaun Marconi      Indianapolis, IN
Adam Maxie       
Addie Miller       
Chris Moore     Indianapolis, IN
David Morris       
Thomas Qualls      Indianapolis, IN
Kyle Rose       
Alicia Schwab       
Jimmy Stewart      Martinsville, IN
Michael Troutt